Everything near electricity is energetically polluted.    Inexpensively address this, forever.
Strengthening anything touched by QVial lasts as long as it is not re-exposed to emf pollution.
At $55 each, your QVial should last many centuries beyond your lifetime. Use it often, each day.
We recommend two, to use them on both sides of your body, to save time. Nice, not necessary.
The first 100,000 buyers will receive Buy One Get One Free, because we love the human race.

Briefly place the QVial on any of the body's 365 long-identified meridians for organs, glands, etc.
When you touch a QVial to your GV20 point, the highest point on your head, for less than a second,
every one of your 365 meridians will instantly test strong, passing QRA test, CRA, even kinesiology,
although the Psychology of Longevity does not consider kinesiology to be as accurate of a test.

Touch the QVial to any food, beverage, container, garment, utensil, or anything else that tests weak,
the item's now one-conditionally money-back guaranteed to test strong. The condition? You must test.
Visit Bidigitals.com or QRA.me to learn the single most astonishing one-second test of all time!

The bidigital test takes less than a minute to learn, one second to perform, and can be used forever.
"Forever" is a long time, and the bidigital test appears more accurate than any medical device.

QVials - Discount for Multiples
If you're careful not to break the little vial, your QVial should easily last longer than you.
They had some 200,000 years of solar energy embedded in them before we supercharge them.
With NINE YEARS trying to make them fail, we have never found anything to reverse/exhaust them.
If you DO break the bottle, try to scoop it into new glass, we give you 10x the amount needed to work.
It NEVER stops giving off beneficial energy, identified, specific frequencies for many organs and glands.
If one or more of your pets has an injured paw, or other cause of pain, put QVial directly on the area of injury.
Simply watch your pet's face for the next 30 to 60 seconds. Simply amazing. Does it work on humans, too?
Well, it is against the law to make any claims for humans, so, we simply use it on horses, dogs, cats.
Animals do not know from placebos (or sales pitches, either). They simply express pain, or relief.
Above all, QVials do not merely neutralize, they convert electrical pollution into testable benefit.
During this challenging time, we ask you to share with loved ones: We're doubling all orders.
Whether you buy 1, or 55, we are making zero profit, doubling every order no extra charge.
QVials, as with FoodBoosters, BrainLifters, etc., are gifts of a lifetime.. to last a lifetime.


Electrical Pollution - EMF - Fast Fix - Best Energy Devices - Cellphones
3-min YouTube vid - QRA - One-second test - kids do it well in a minute, so will you

A strand of thread, maybe silk, and you can wear it around your neck, always available,
so that ALL of your food & drink get supercharged, with numerous, powerful benefits.
World's first literally supercharged rare earth minerals, brought to highest polarity.

Notice how much food you need to feel satisfied before supercharging food with QVials.
Typical reports suggest you might want to keep a food log for a week or so, just to see.

After using QVial on all foods and beverages for a week, note again.
More and more people are reporting significant reduction in food need.
No claims, no guarantees, beyond guaranteeing it will test stronger.
Everything touched by a vial of supercharged rare earth minerals,
now over 1,400 items tested so far, guaranteed to test stronger.
The world's most advanced technologives, for a natural life,
from the world's most advanced thinkers... ...and doers.
Teach yourself how to prove all of the foregoing info,
by visiting QRA.me, or bidigitals.com, et alia.
(There're other QRA sites, too, to learn from).

The more you test, the better you get.
Proof is much better than belief,
so, pleast, test, test, test!

EMF Pollution - One-second test - Instant Proof of dirty & clean energy
EMF Pollution makes YOU test weak!   Prove it w/ the one-second energy test">one-second energy test.

Smart phones, so-called 'smart meters,' fuseboxes, refrigerators & freezers, battery-operated devices,
and ANYTHING that requires electricity makes YOU weak just from being near these operating devices.
Prove it wherever you are, with the one-second energy test (www.QRA.me, www.BDORT.org, etc.).


Make no mistake: EMF pollution is certainly the worst form of pollution,
even if only because we are exposed to it around the clock.

Even our beds are too close to walls,
with the wiring in those walls carrying
low-polarity electricity,

Believing anyone you do not know, in this day and age,
is a sign of less-developed intellect,
because it seems that most everyone in business
has their hand in your pocket or greatly want to,
and, PROVABLY, do not care if it sickens or kills you.

Consider that everything with sugar or flour
INSTANTLY inflames the body, lowering pH.

That means every one of our trillions of cells,
working below its fullest electrical capacity.

That's neither a guess, nor opinion. Learn about pH.
It is a measure of electrical power of each cell.
"Potentiation of hydrogen." Learn more, live more.

Witness all the companies selling products with sugar, corn syrup... or, worst of all, perhaps, the core of glue: FLOUR!

(Flour + water = paste, and sickens/kills 100 of 100 people who eat it...
unless something comes along and kills us first.
No exceptions known thus far).

Learning to identify EMF pollution without paid experts is easy, and free,
can be done anywhere, with two people who have at least a few working fingers.

Whether you learn the bidigital O-ring test at www.BDORT.org
"Bidigital O-Ring Test" (medically patented one-second energy test),
or the easier refined version of BDORT at www.QRA.me, & other QRA sites,
the Psychology of Longevity contends that learning about EMF pollution,
is surely in YOUR best interests, and your loved ones', too.
Learn more: You're likely to live more, true enough?

MisterShortcut was pleased to sponsor these videos that share master secrets of YOUR universe, helping you to help yourself, and those you care for.

Fight back against emf pollution. Supercharging does not merely cancel emf radiation - it REVERSES the polarity and directional spin of every molecule that's supercharged.

It's fast, easy, now affordable. When you & your family instantly see how weak our various organs & glands get just from being near to electricity/cellphones, etc,
you can then make more-informed decisions about how YOU fight back against electrical radiation and EMF pollution. Test, test, test, with the one-second energy test.

You can talk all day, pretending to know more than you do, or you can suspend your opion to boost your intelligence...
and just hold your thumb and finger tightly as someone else gently, firmly pries them apart (Pulling is less-reliable muscle-testing, so, PRY apart!)
... Hold tight as you can as they gently pry to see how much effort it takes to pry thumb and finger apart just a bit. Kids learn this in mere seconds, you can learn, too.

We HIGHLY recommend watching this 3-minute video:
(190 international scientist petition the U.N. regarding EMF pollution. Wow!)
(You can recommend it to others by sending them to Energies.work)

More important than any advertising for supercharged products and devices that reverse all electrical pollution is the CRITICAL IMPORTANCE of....
you and your family learning more and knowing more about the toxic effects of EMF pollution on mammals, food, clothing, and more. Learn more, to live more!

With love from FoodBoosters.com, fighting back against electrical pollution by defending our health & energy. Reverse YOUR EMF pollution instantly, naturally, with supercharging

Master Secrets of the Universe For Longevity - FoodBoosters - Master Secrets Of The Universe 2:50

Psychology of Longevity Presents Qvials, Supercharged FoodBoosters, BrainLifters, and more
All inventions presented by the Psychology of Longevity are fruits OF the Psychology of Shortcuts innovation mindset

QVIAL.com - The most powerful minerals on earth - QVial is filled with minerals supercharged by multiple processes - Psychology of Longevity favorite
QVIALS.com - Holding one of the QVials at the highest point on your head IMMEDIATELY and temporarily strengthens all brain points, and all body points
- Information on how QVials affect the brain and individual body points, 365 of which are directly related to organs, glands, and body tissue strength

FoodBoosters.com     SuperChargedLasers.com     BrainLifters.com     Torroids.com

Supercharging.US presents several of the energy devices invented by MisterShortcut.<

Bottom line: Learn more, to live more. Three new facts per day on narrow subjects accelerates YOUR mastery.

The Psychology of Longevity is thrilled to bring innovations and devices that have never existed before in life.
The more we use these tools, the more benefits you accrue, & the greater those benefits also tend to be for you.
These tools, among many MisterShortcut inventions, are to be counted among the most powerful tools of your life.
From the world's first supercharged cold lasers to the supercharged rare earth minerals that make ALL test stronger:

FoodBoosters alone, among the tiniest tools of your lifetime, contain more power than most all of your other tools -- combined.
Nothing in the world has ever existed like FoodBoosters, another innovation of the Psychology of Longevity to help you, naturally.
Every single food and drink on earth that tests weak with QRA testing is unconditionally guaranteed to test stronger with FoodBoosters.

No batteries or wires, no maintainance or upgrades, they will last forever, cannot be reversed, and charge even more when exposed to sunlight.

While Foodboosters also work on every human organ and gland, they are tiny, not always easy to place precisely at GV20 point, atop the head,
the Psychology of Longevity suggests larger QVials, or, when affordabled, Jumboze, one for each side of the body, to save time each day.
What we do to one side of the body is wise to do to the other side of the body, provided the first action is going to bring you healthy benefit.
One is fine, we simply save time doing, for example, two kidney points at once, or two gallbladder or eye or other points simultaneously.
The family of QVials are comprised of the world's first literally supercharged rare earth minerals, and no need to believe a word of this.

Once you learn to do the one-second bidigital test called "QRA testing," you never have to take anyone's word for it again, healthwise.
When you are familiar with this easy-to-learn test of energy, you can quickly test food, clothes, people, houses, and everything within sight.
We have extensive experience with CRA, reflexology, and the most basic of muscle-testing, kinesiology, which does not pass double-blind study.

Only BDORT and QRA can pass double-blind study one hundred percent of the time.
Many universities have proven BDORT, which is actually medically patented, no easy feat. QRA is even more refined, and easier.

More YouTube - Fantastic master secrets of the universe ... YOUR universe

Click on these links for more Master Secrets Of The Universe videos from the Psychology of Longevity and FoodBoosters.com

Energy In Food Is Blocked By EMF Pollution - FoodBoosters - Get More Energy From Food & Drinks

Master Secrets of the Universe - Food and Electrical (EMF) Pollution Is Now Testable

What Is YOUR Most Critical Food For Good Health and Longevity?

More Master Secrets Of Longevity and Good Health

Get More Energy From Food - Master Secrets of the Universe

Why You Get Hungry Despite Barely Working - Most Amazing Info Videos

Boosting Energy In Food - Amazing Inventions - Everything Tests Strong With FoodBoosters Energy

EVERYTHING near electricity is polluted by electrical molecules, which spin counterclockwise, and block energy in food from getting out.
NO BELIEF IS NEEDED! Learn any of the one-second energy tests, such as QRA or BDORT, and test any and every food for a major surprise.
When you use FoodBoosters (or any of the supercharged mineral devices), EVERYTHING testing weak is guaranteed to test strong, immediately.

NOTHING ON EARTH IS MORE POWERFUL - Everything they touch tests stronger.
We have tested hundreds of substances. Nothing works like paramagnetic and diamagnetic rare earth minerals.
Eight separate technologives, combined together, make Foodboosters one of the greatest tools of your life, health, and longevity.
From the brain trust that created the world's first supercharged laser, and brought the price from $1,500, to $233, for YOUR sake,
along with BrainLifters, QVials, and Torroids for cell phones, fuseboxes, entire buildings... and even more.

Go to QRA.me to learn to do the one-second energy test at home, work, school, anywhere!   Use it for food, drink, and more.
MisterShortcut set out to amaze himself... and can now present the most advanced technology to amaze YOU.

Qvials and Modern-Day SuperCharging
Supercharging such as the world has never known, and will be able to use for thousands of years to come.
If we claim that it has the highest and healthiest polarity of any substance on earth, there will be gainsayers.
If we claim it can treat, or heal even better than the million-year-old substance it is comprised of, prosecution.
If we even tell you in detail precisely what it does to strengthen and help nutrify the body, again, prosecution.
QVials DO NOT treat, heal, or cure: They make all body/brain points test strong.

No medical claims: QVials contain diamagnetic-paramagnetic minerals, and other organic materials that supercharge.
The contents have been blended with specific proportions and subjected to multiple proprietary technologives.
Nothing in the world can affect you as these sturdy vials do, with what amounts to supercharged properties.
We can supercharge to provably great effect in a single minute: QVials are supercharged for 100 minutes.

Every brain point, stronger in a single second. When held several seconds, the effect can last many hours.
When you hold the vial on any point in the body bidigitally testing weak, it strengthens the area immediately.
Better yet, all other points on that point's bioelectric meridian will also test strong. It proves instantly, every time.
The bidigital test is the simple one-second test Dr. Omura patented as BDORT and Marshall/Forbes expanded to QRA.
David Cohen brought the best of their ideas into even more immediately-effective success by the repetition of Cohenology.
Cohenology is replacing the incomplete or erroneous portions of the best thinking on earth, and using many of them at once.
Cohenology is a combined use of several proven approaches simultaneously. He has successfully used it many thousands of times.
The bidigital test is easy enough for everyone to learn, to use for the rest of your life to test food, clothes, and a thousand other things.
The one catch to the bidigital test proving accurate every time is that the person testing must have their brain points proving to test strong.

QVials make all brain points temporarily strong, and all points connected to them, just from holding it on top of the head
Every body point tests stronger, using Dr. Omura's BDORT, or its derivatives, such as QRA from Marshall and Forbes, or Cohenology's Master I.P.
Where Dr. Omura crafted medical applications for BDORT, and Marshall interference fields with QRA, Cohen found Master Interference Points.
Master Interference Points are small spots on the body proving to test weak, which, when balanced, suspend ALL other interference fields.

Cohen engaged Mr-Shortcut to craft "megacharging," applying multiple technologives consecutively, yielding the highest polarity ever seen.
EVERYTHING that has gone through the supercharging processes so far has proven stronger, with qualities continually testing stronger.
Lasers, where the irradiating energy normally overwhelms the benefit of facial and other lasers, demagnetize when supercharged.
Not demagnitizing of a ruined computer disk, the demagnetizing of the magnetic embeds polluting your body from electricity.
You do not need to believe the Psychology of Longevity, or any other source. Learn to do the bidigital test with a friend.
Test your thyroid to see. Better yet, touch a wall of your home or office or class while someone else tests your o-ring.
Now, wave MrShortcut's supercharged cold laser light at the wall, and test again. Everyone is amazed, every time.
Now, with QVials, the genius of Mr-Shortcut comes through yet again, as it has with so many of his innovations.
QVials change the game, which is why we present Qvials to be perhaps the gift of a lifetime, to last a lifetime.

We believe that every human on earth needs a QVial. That is the reason they sell for dozens, not hundreds

We believe that you instantaneously make better decisions when your brain points are strong. Still, it's not a claim.
We provide a 90-day, NO QUESTIONS ASKED absolute guarantee of satisfaction or we take back the QVial for a refund.
Although we can charge profitably for shipping, we do not. That's why the refund is a complete refund. No "hidden" fees.

We can certainly charge a ten percent restocking fee. We do not like hidden charges, so there are no "restocking" fees to pay.
We can charge for handling. Like most people, we do not like hidden charges. So, we decided there would be no handling charge.

We Believe That Every Human Needs Or Can Directly Benefit From, Using A SuperCharged QVial
Animals do not know what a placebo or a sales pitch is.     Hold a QVial to the animal's GV20, and see the results immediately.
As well, we're confident that animals with unpleasant temperament, within days, will begin showing significant improvements.
This particular feature was, like so many other delightful advances in science, discovered rather accidentally, with merely idle use.

We pursue profits infinitely more important, and more treasured, than the generation of financial wealth.
A third of our profits make a beeline to feed starving animals and humans, sometimes in that order, so this is not about garnering money.
We believe that the all-natural, supercharged QVial is among the very greatest of all human inventions, that every one of us needs a QVial.
So, despite a value of several hundred dollars, we keep working to bring the price down even lower, so everyone can have their own Qvials.

Kindly remember to feed those who are hungrier than you by giving, at no cost to you.

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Please help MrShortcut erase worldwide starvation by clicking on the food buttons.
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Welcome to the largest free self-help website online, all here for your life.
Embrace the Psychology of Shortcuts for the Psychology of Shortcuts to embrace you.
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, because knowing how to cure cancers, even if on your own, is information all humans are entitled to possess, a function of morality

With respect to the self-empowering purposes of the Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity to and for YOU:
This is the first and only agglomeration of master secrets of the universe you find yourself striving through.

More superlative self-empowerment websites with the greatest shortcuts and most potent master secrets of the universe,
No less than eighty percent of all the great things you ever learn in a lifetime comes from someone(s) doing it better than everyone else, true?

By imitating masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires, and the people living stronger longer, we tend to imitate their results, also.
With compliments of MisterShortcut, to promote the power and results of YOUR Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity

TotalWinning.com           Regulata.com           UniversalShortcuts.com           QRA.me           Bidigitally.com

Megaphotons - the most powerful images in human history, INSTANTLY provable with QRA, the university-proven one-second energy test.
Megaphotons have 186 frequencies embedded, each proven to be beneficial to organs, glands, tissue. Megaphotons are unique!
Anything on earth testing weak by QRA, BDORT or other energy test, INSTANTLY tests strong when exposed to Megaphotons

Mediaphoton Gallery - more Megaphotons - most-powerful images, no need to believe it, prove it with the one-second energy test.

Mediaphotons - video Megaphotons, with incredibly powerful frequencies embedded - proven by test of bidigitals

Megatruths - as self-explanatory as might be needed or antcipated. Tap into YOUR megatruths

Shapetalks.com - Best of the best wisdom - shortcuts shared in Shapetalk

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What is the benefit in having more years of life without more life in those years? Live intentionally!

The best of you is yet to come. Let us bring out the excellence within you, excellence is never accidental.
Serve the Psychology of Longevity & Psychology of Shortcuts within you, and see how richly they reciprocate.

Bidigitals.com, because bidigitals know the one-second energy test... for EVERYTHING, including you

Beyond belief, all of these domains are actually fully-developed, active, aging websites,
and "aging" is a very sweet word in the world of Domainers, Domainists, and Domaineers.
The Psychology of Shortcuts was born of loving to give free information, not cash money.
The entire set of websites, highly-ranked for many, many sets of keyphrases is for sale.
All this can be yours for just $21,000,000, or the offer we like most among all offers.

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QVials are but one of the many tools available for each of us to help ourselves with. After all, "If it is to be, it is up to me," true?
At the bottom of every page of life is the same aphorism and adage: "Less talking, and more doing." It's YOUR master secret.

The Psychology of Shortcuts is the ultimate in self-empowerment, with the Godfather of EyeCandy, for You 
These are the great shortcuts of masters and millionaires, the great shortcuts of champions and billionaires,
indubitably YOUR shortcuts to succeeding. That's why the Psychology of Shortcuts is here for your life.

The Psychology of Longevity predates the wealth-related shortcuts of success, when you think about it,
since we humans once did survive on real food only. Learning more leads to living more, you'll find.
MORE air, and water, never-heated oil, fiber (greens), minerals, and probiotics, the superfoods.
Make these the cornerstones of your diet, and supercharging them, AND YOU, with QVials